Dailymotion partners with ACM to support regional and local video journalism growth in Australia

Dailymotion, the leading video solutions provider and content discovery platform constantly expanding its catalog of more than 2000 professional Publishers to new markets, has partnered with ACM, the largest independent publishing business in Australia. With this partnership, Dailymotion aims to provide a solution for ACM to grow its video journalism capabilities in local and regional Australia and to further monetize audiences across ACM’s network through the Dailymotion Video Player. 

Through this partnership, Dailymotion brings its full range of products and services, including bespoke migration of the video catalog assets, workshops, training, and insights on both video content and monetization, to ACM’s editorial, product and technology, ad operations, and local and national sales teams. The purpose of the partnership is to upskill every team in the ACM newsrooms, front and back office, with 24/7 support and cutting-edge tools. 

ACM is Australia’s largest independent media company. Its mission is to keep communities strong, informed, and connected. ACM has more than 140 community, regional and rural news brands consisting of daily and weekly newspapers, websites, magazines, leading agricultural publications, and events. The company serves millions of readers in every state and territory with brands including The Newcastle Herald, The Canberra Times, The Bendigo Advertiser, The Advocate in Burnie, The Katherine Times, and The Illawarra Mercury. 


“Partnering with ACM is a thrilling achievement for Dailymotion. It expands our premium network and allows Dailymotion to join hands with ACM to support community, regional and rural news outlets’ reach and engage wider audiences to monetize their video content better,” said Chul Hong, Vice President of Content, Dailymotion APAC. “Our OVP technology will contribute to ACM’s mission and innovation ambitions in the journalism field.” 

ACM Chief Customer and Marketing Officer Paul Tyrrell said: “By partnering with one of the world’s largest video hosting platforms, we are able to provide our audiences with state-of-the-art video content to increase engagement, encourage shareability and ultimately drive growth in ACM video consumption. This is a win for the community and our commercial partners.” 

Dailymotion is committed to supporting ACM’s news sites with its advanced video solutions to enhance user experience and digital content strategies.