Dailymotion partners with Hurriyet

Dailymotion, the leading video technology and content discovery platform has partnered with Hurriyet, one of Turkey’s notable media groups, to extend its video catalog to the dailymotion.com platform and accelerate its digital video growth.

Hurriyet, which has a strong print circulation and an impressive online presence with its local titles and their associated websites such as hurriyet.com.tr and milliyet.com.tr, adopted the Dailymotion Video Solution (DMVS) and implemented it across all its owned and operated sites. This helped the media group significantly cut costs and drive increases in video revenue. 

Speaking on the development, Erhan Acar, Chief Digital Officer at Hurriyet stated that: “We’re thrilled to be working with Dailymotion in part of our video offering on Hürriyet and Milliyet. Dailymotion Video Solution will harness our unique and powerful global and local content offering to serve our readers in Turkey and across the globe as we bring the best video streaming service to our passionate audiences on our own and operated properties.” He added: “Working with a like-minded industry leader will enable us to maximize our delivery capability in terms of video for readers by leveraging Dailymotion’s costless solution and additional revenue streams. Given that video is a medium that requires continuous development to be at par with the most recent innovations, we’re very happy about how seamless our integration to our current operations workflow and already helped improve our viewership.”

“We are immensely proud to start our collaboration with Hurriyet,” said Rémi Leclancher, VP Partnerships, EMEA at Dailymotion. “This partnership will help Hurriyet to take advantage of the latest innovations, market vision, and world-class support, to deliver to the online video market easily and quickly. We’re devoted to online video easier for Publishers and broadcasters. Dailymotion Video Solution is a costless version of our video player for Publishers, delivering a world-class system complete with a comprehensive CMS. The player is stable, customizable, and allows for unlimited hosting, transcoding, and streaming at a tremendous scale. DMVS is a one-stop solution for streaming, content management, audience reach, and monetization designed with Publishers in mind.”