Dailymotion and TMZ join forces to enhance celebrity news coverage

Dailymotion is happy to announce a new partnership with TMZ, the leading entertainment and celebrity news publisher, to further enrich its growing catalog of professional publishers and immerse its users in the heart of entertainment.

This partnership brings TMZ’s unparalleled celebrity and pop-culture news coverage and entertainment insights to Dailymotion’s global audiences, offering an enhanced viewing experience for fans of exclusive entertainment news. TMZ will integrate its rich content catalog into Dailymotion’s video platform, leveraging the platform’s video distribution and monetization ecosystem, to optimize their video revenues and ensure global reach. Users can expect seamless access to TMZ’s latest video content, from breaking celebrity news to in-depth entertainment reports.

TMZ, known for its fast-paced and exclusive reporting on celebrity and pop-culture news, continues to set the standard in the industry. With this new collaboration, Dailymotion users will enjoy unparalleled access to TMZ’s latest updates, keeping them at the forefront of Hollywood happenings.