Dailymotion & GMM Grammy Join Hands to Globalize Thai Music

BANGKOK, THAILAND (September 17, 2018) – Dailymotion, a leading video player technology and content discovery platform, has announced a partnership with GMM Grammy, one of Thailand’s most established media entertainment companies and content publishers. The agreement brings fresh music and a catalog of over 5000 songs to an audience of 300 million people worldwide.

Following the global relaunch of the platform, Dailymotion is reinforcing its mission to become a premium destination for video content by focusing efforts with partners in key markets such as Thailand. Per data from Dailymotion, audiences in Asia Pacific across mobile, desktop, and OTT have grown 70 percent in the past year alone along with a 50 percent increase in views on premium content locally.

Fahmai Damrongchaitham, Chief Sales Officer of GMM Music, said, “We are delighted to have an opportunity to partner with Dailymotion, which we consider to be a top platform globally. Not only are we able to expand our reach given that a majority of Dailymotion’s audience in Asia Pacific consumes entertainment content but more importantly, this is in line with our online strategy to open another channel for distribution. To get started, we have released 5000 songs from over 100 popular artists such as Bodyslam, Endorphine, Peck Palitchoke, Potato, Getsunova, and many more in order to draw in and increase viewership for our content.”

Antoine Nazaret, Vice President of Content in Asia Pacific for Dailymotion, shared, “We are excited to welcome this partnership as it signals an important step for growth in the Thai market. Over the past few years, several digital streaming platforms have expanded in Thailand which demonstrates the high quality and popularity of video content here. Dailymotion is primed to become a major player to help increase both local and overseas audiences around Thai content. From our years in business, we’ve learned about the need for premium and local content. GMM Grammy is one of the most influential entertainment companies in Thailand, so it makes sense strategically for us. It’s not about the number of partners, but quality as we seek to strengthen our positioning worldwide.”

Per data from Dailymotion, there are over 2000 premium global publishers and 3 billion monthly views, of which 330 million come from Asia Pacific. As for target audiences, 65.8% are 15-44 years old while 55% are 18-44 years old in Asia Pacific. In Thailand, there are 5 million unique viewers per month which is similar with Korea and Japan.