Dailymotion Invests in Brand Safety

At Dailymotion, we’re dedicated to creating and upholding a brand safe environment. We’ve developed advanced technology and partnered with best-in-class solutions, but as the industry itself continues to become more complex, we face new challenges that call for an increased investment in brand safety.

Here are a few ways that we’re ensuring a brand safe environment today:

Dailymotion is also a member of multiple industry and governmental organizations, and as a part of these initiatives, we are working to improve transparency and fight potential terrorist content. We are also aligned with the Counter Extremism Project’s overall goals of ridding all digital platforms of extremist and unsuitable content. Acting independently, Dailymotion had doubled down on our efforts to ensure that inappropriate content is never monetized. We will continue to be an advocate to ensure that the industry upholds the strictest standards around brand safety.

Brand safety is not a buzzword. It’s a serious issue. We’re not a passive participant in the industry’s conversation on brand safety. We are actively leading the industry forward in the development of new technical solutions and will continue to make certain that all advertisers working with Dailymotion are guaranteed that their ads do not run against inappropriate content.

Antoine Banet-Rivet