Dailymotion & Taihe Music Group Join Forces to Boost Chinese Music Industry

Dailymotion, a leading video player technology and content discovery platform, has announced a strategic partnership with Taihe Music Group, one of the largest Chinese record labels and music service providers. 

Leveraging their unique strengths, both parties aim at introducing Chinese music and its artists to global audiences. With the content coming from Taihe Music Group, dailymotion can offer a greater range of videos to its users while also satisfying the rising interest in Chinese music. Together with dailymotion, Taihe Music Group believes it can reach the international market and continue its commitment to sharing Chinese music and its artists with the world.

Launched in 2005, dailymotion is host to diverse premium video content from well-renowned international partners such as CNN and BBC. Working with such high caliber names has allowed dailymotion to attain its position as one of the top video players and streaming platforms in the industry. In the previous year alone, dailymotion has seen a growth of over 70% in views within the Asia Pacific region. 

Beyond owning a library of more than 12 million copyrights, Taihe Music Group has built for itself a cutting-edge ecosystem that produces professional, innovative and diverse music and entertainment content. Responsible for bringing over 16,000 live concerts both within and outside China, they lead the industry with about 70% market share. 

According to the IFPI Global Music Report 2017, at least 75% of users consume music through video streaming services. In order to deepen their understanding of overseas markets and better cater to an international audience, many Chinese music artists will need to move beyond their normal channels and expand to online video streaming platforms. 

“We are very excited to work with dailymotion” said Benson Liu, Senior Vice President of Taihe Music Group. “It has always been our mission to bring Chinese music to a global audience. With great opportunities ahead of us through this partnership with dailymotion, we want to see Chinese music reach even larger audiences as we share our collection of music content to those within the region, as well as worldwide.” 

Maxime Saada, CEO for dailymotion, said: “We are very proud to be partnering with Taihe Music Group, one of China’s major record labels and music service providers. This partnership will help boost the rising appetite for Chinese music among dailymotion’s 250 million monthly users, in line with our strategy to deliver premium content to worldwide audiences.” 

With dailymotion’s cutting-edge video streaming services and Taihe Music Group’s professional expertise in planning, directing and producing premium music content, they are revolutionizing the way Chinese music makers enter the global market.