Our Human Rights Policy

The mission of Dailymotion is to build the next generation of safer video platforms designed to inspire millions of people to grow and share a diverse and inclusive vision of the world.

Guillaume Clément, COO at Dailymotion

Every day, Dailymotion acts to put into practice our four core values: opening perspectives, building a safer world, being bold, and creating meaning. We firmly believe that all individuals possess equal dignity and rights and this of course excludes any form of discrimination. 

We aim to provide different points of view and encourage dialogue, as we believe we should never stop listening to each other. However, it is fundamental to ensure that such dialogue is conducted in a safe environment. In this regard, we invest in coercive measures to prevent abuse on the platform and ensure data privacy. We encourage exploration, pushing boundaries to deliver unique experiences. Finally, we strive to create a positive impact by supporting social causes and adopting responsible practices. For instance, Dailymotion regularly supports non-profit organizations by freely distributing their messages to the general public through our platform.  Dailymotion also developed a worldwide partnership with Goodeed, the first B-corp certified advertising company to fund ecological or humanitarian projects by watching an ad. 

These values guide our actions to provide a safe online space that is enriching and engaging for our users. 


We firmly believe in the inherent dignity and equal rights of all individuals as listed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recognize the importance of meeting the expectations for businesses as set out in the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs).  

The Vivendi Group, which Dailymotion is part of, has joined the United Nations Global Compact in order to support and apply throughout all its entities, the respect of the 10 Principles of the UN Global Compact.  These fundamental principles are related to human rights, labor law, environmental law, and the fight against corruption.  

In terms of labor law, Dailymotion is strongly committed against child labor and forced labor and is committed to respecting rules on working time, wages and benefits, freedom of expression, equal opportunities, etc.  

Dailymotion is also committed to respect human rights as stipulated in the following international conventions such as: 

Dailymotion is member, signatory and/or supporter of:  


In regard to respecting human rights – and their underlying principles of equality, safety, dignity, and privacy – Dailymotion has put into place different policies for all the categories of individuals we interact with: 

How we protect our users:  

How we build a safe, diverse and inclusive space for our employees

How we work with our suppliers

How we protect our clients and partners: 


How human rights protection is structured and conducted in our organization:

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