“Contextual Targeting for the Cookie-less Future”, an Adweek webinar by Dailymotion

Adam Irlando, SVP of Global Demand at Dailymotion, hosted a webinar on Adweek to review the changes that 2020 brought to contextual advertising and give insight into what solutions should be expected in 2021.

  • How has 2020 affected contextual advertising, and how content like the pandemic and politics are managed
  • Why the death of cookies creates an opportunity for contextual
  • The benefits of contextual targeting, such as an increase in message receptiveness and brand recall

The cookie-less future is fast approaching and will certainly rock the boat regarding the overall effectiveness of digital advertising. Marketers need to take action now to prepare for the impending changes to consumer tracking and privacy laws. One solution digital advertisers should explore is contextual advertising, which provides quality assurance for both consumers and advertisers.

About Adam Irlando

Based out of Dailymotion’s New York office, Adam leads a multi-regional demand team to advance the company’s video advertising offering. He is an ad tech industry veteran, with experience at Telaria, Kargo, and Xaxis.