Dailymotion rides to the Super Bowl 2024

Dailymotion joined American football’s biggest event by sponsoring rickshaw rides that took visitors from all over the city to the Super Bowl 2024 while also taking them on their very own video journey.

2024 is a pivotal year for Dailymotion in the US and what better way to kick off the year than by expanding our brand awareness efforts at strategic events that bring together both clients and users. After launching the initiative in Las Vegas at CES, Dailymotion’s 20 branded rickshaws, which delivered 2500 rides over 3 days, took the road again for the Super Bowl.

“Dailymotion is about innovating and connecting brands with key moments that matter while creating personalized experiences. These 2024 brand efforts prove we know how to generate excitement and think differently,” says Sean Black, SVP/GM at Dailymotion. “This is just the start to building unique opportunities, placing Dailymotion at the center of the video conversation and continuing to be the thought leader in reaching consumers in all screens and streams.”