Dailymotion Launches Up to 100% Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace in Collaboration with Moat

Vivendi-owned video platform Dailymotion today launched a premium video ad inventory marketplace with up to 100% viewability guaranteed in collaboration with Moat by Oracle Data Cloud, a leader in real-time attention analytics.

The Dailymotion Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace Powered by Moat marks the first time Dailymotion’s global network of over 7,000 premium publishers are able to offer a guarantee based on Moat-certified viewability metrics. As a recent IAB report highlighted viewability as advertisers’ most important metric to measure campaign effectiveness, and therefore one of their biggest pain points, the marketplace aims to address this issue. In addition, the launch is a pivotal part of Dailymotion’s efforts in providing advertisers with an end-to-end video advertising solution in a suitable environment.

Dailymotion Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace Powered by Moat provides demand partners, such as advertisers, marketers, agencies, and DSPs with:

  • The ability to achieve viewability scores up to 100% dependent on campaign goals, without sacrificing scale;
  • The availability for always-on, direct campaigns and programmatic guaranteed deals, for web, globally;

Per usual, Dailymotion’s platform will allow you to access:

  • Quality video ad inventory from Dailymotion’s global premium publisher network;
  • Optimized performance to ensure ads are seen by real viewers in a suitable environment;

In addition to finding viewability as advertisers’ most important metric to measure campaign effectiveness, the IAB report also found that 33% of digital advertisers were not confident about current video ad KPIs. Furthermore, ads with viewability scores of 70% or higher perform better in terms of click-through rate and interaction rates. The Dailymotion Viewability Guaranteed Marketplace Powered by Moat offers advertisers promising results at a time when audience consumption continues to grow.

“Viewability is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s table stakes. Together with Moat, we have tackled one of advertisers’ biggest concerns. At a time when every penny spent is being challenged, we can now offer the absolute assurance of delivering truly measurable results,” said Bichoï Bastha, Chief Revenue and Business Officer at Dailymotion. “This collaboration provides our demand partners with the metrics needed to measure campaign effectiveness and inform future decisions. At the same time, it highlights the unique value our advertising solutions provide.”

“Across the industry, advertisers are optimizing toward consumer attention in brand-suitable environments with great user experiences,” said Mark Kopera, Head of Product for Moat, Oracle Data Cloud. “With that also comes an increased need to showcase campaign ROI. Through this unique opportunity with Dailymotion, we’ve created a product that meets industry demand and enables us to guarantee that their advertisers will garner the viewability scores needed to reach campaign KPIs.”