Dailymotion Appoints Bichoï Bastha as Chief Revenue and Business Officer

Dailymotion, a Vivendi-owned video platform, combining premium content and effective advertising solutions in a trustworthy environment, announced the appointment of Bichoï Bastha to Chief Revenue and Business Officer. Previously the Chief Ad Tech Officer at Dailymotion, Bastha will be responsible for driving company growth and revenue, globally. He will continue to report to Dailymotion’s Chief Executive Officer, Maxime Saada.

Dailymotion provides brands with a massive global scale through its publisher ecosystem, expertise in video and streaming, creative solutions as well as transparency and efficiency through its end-to-end advertising solution.

Now more than ever, advertisers are seeking effective solutions and ways to successfully measure their performances as they adhere to changing consumption patterns. Providing a suitable environment for brands and an optimal experience for consumers is at the core of our business, and I look forward to ensuring Dailymotion is continuing to deliver impactful campaigns with our demand partners, agencies and advertisers”, said Bastha.

Leading up to his new role at Dailymotion, Bastha supported various teams responsible for improving advertising solutions geared at optimizing reach, efficiency, and productivity for global brands. He led the launch of innovative ad formats, such as VerticalVue by Dailymotion, an ad format that allows vertical advertisements to simultaneously play alongside publishers’ video content for a seamless watching experience. Bastha also contributed to the expansion of Dailymotion’s proprietary ad platform’s capabilities, and its integration with all major DSPs in the market through the launch of Dailymotion’s ad exchange.

Over the last eleven years Bichoï has had an exceptional ability to identify and generate new and significant revenue streams,” said Saada. “His major contributions to Dailymotion’s business showcase how deeply knowledgeable he is about our offering and how we can provide better engagement for our advertisers. We are thrilled to have Bichoï as our Chief Revenue and Business Officer and look forward to the continued success.”

To learn more about Dailymotion’s advertising solution, visit https://dailymotionadvertising.com/