Dailymotion, TripleLift Partnership Advances Ad Performance and Delivers New Audience Dynamics For Advertisers

Dailymotion, the leading independent, worldwide video streaming platform, and TripleLift, the advertising technology company reinventing ad placement, today announced an expanded strategic partnership that enriches each company’s offering. TripleLift adds high-performing programmatic direct display and native advertising in addition to the branded video and in-stream ad units running on Dailymotion. Dailymotion’s full publisher partnership inventory including Billboard and Marie-Claire gives TripleLift increased global scale and reach.

The partnership includes a tailor-made Open Real Time Bidding (oRTB) integration for Dailymotion to monetize in-stream inventory and the advancement of innovative, custom native ad units by TripleLift for the historically video-focused Dailymotion. The custom native formats provide brand lift 3x higher than the industry average according to Nielsen and in the first two months of the partnership, Dailymotion saw ad requests exceed 41 billion.

“Delivering a diverse, omnichannel ad experience to Dailymotion while scaling our global reach through their publisher base is the type of strategic partner we value,” said Michael Lehman, SVP, Global Supply & Marketplace, TripleLift. “We’re motivated by the notable results of the custom ad units and integrations, and are looking forward to continued innovation with the team at Dailymotion.”

As a partner, TripleLift connects to Dailymotion’s proprietary video exchange on a global scale to buy billions of available impressions and have a growing global audience, allowing it to scale its inventory.

“Working with TripleLift on growing their database globally represents one of our largest partnerships to date,,” said Bichoï Bastha, Chief Revenue and Business Officer at Dailymotion. “For us, TripleLift’s custom units and appetite for innovation to outperform industry metrics in all formats are exciting as we expand our offering for advertisers.”

Custom Native Templates

TripleLift’s dedicated Interaction Design & Engineering (IxE) team continuously evaluates and designs custom templates to match the look and feel of the publisher pages. Whether this is testing colors, adjusting fonts, trying different positioning or spacing, TripleLift’s internal teams work to make sure each and every placement flows seamlessly in order to maximize performance for both publishers and brands. Since its founding, TripleLift created over 120,000 custom native templates and over 190,000 custom native placements. This number continues to grow as new publisher partners are onboarded.