Dailymotion joins Tech Against Terrorism

Dailymotion is proud to become the newest member of Tech Against Terrorism. Pleased to participate in the Tech Against Terrorism mentorship programme, Dailymotion looks forward to continue working to counter terrorist use of the internet whilst respecting human rights and freedom of expression. Throughout the mentorship programme and with support of Tech Against Terrorism, Dailymotion has committed to increase transparency and accountability towards their users.

In joining the membership, Dailymotion has signed the Tech Against Terrorism Pledge. The Pledge is based on internationally recognized norms and aims to promote responsible industry practices with regard to online counterterrorism efforts whilst ensuring that the protection of human rights and counterterrorism efforts are complementary and mutually reinforcing goals.

“Every day millions of videos are being watched on Dailymotion. Fighting harmful content online is one of our key objectives as we are dedicated to providing the best and safest experience for our viewers. Today, we are really proud to join the Tech Against Terrorism initiative and work alongside other committed companies.”

– Guillaume Clement, Chief Operating Officer, Dailymotion