Dailymotion renews its commitment to the Christchurch Call Leader’s Summit 2023

This year again, Dailymotion participated in the Christchurch Call Leaders’ Summit, advocating for a more virtuous vision of the Internet—a space where violence and the dissemination of extremist ideologies find no place. Our CEO Maxime Saada, with Emmanuel Macron, governmental bodies, tech companies, partner organizations, and civil society, engaged in discussions concerning the accountability of video platforms, with a particular focus on the pivotal role played by algorithms. This event provided us with an opportunity to reaffirm our ongoing commitment to enhancing our moderation system. We are dedicated to fostering greater transparency in the functioning of our algorithms and the development of features designed with safety in mind. In the current global political landscape marked by crises, Dailymotion remains driven by its core values, taking tangible measures to contribute to the creation of a safer world for all.

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