Global Video Platform Dailymotion Introduces New ‘Premium Platform’ Initiatives

Creating a new experience to satisfy viewers, content providersand advertisers Mutually beneficial global distribution and protection of Korean content

(July 19, 2018, Seoul) Global video platform Dailymotion, introduced new premium initiatives and announced their strategies for the Korean market.

Held at Wework Euljiro, Dailymotion’s first official event hosted in Korea attracted over 200 industry representatives from relevant associates, news media, digital production studios and entertainment companies. Four key Dailymotion executives, including Chief Executive Officer Maxime Saada; Head of Asia Pacific Antoine Nazaret; Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer Guillaume Clément; and Chief Ad-Tech Officer Bichoï Bastha, presented on Dailymotion’s premium platform strategy, detailing the Korean market strategy, video player technology, user interface and advertising policy.

Dailymotion, a leading video player techonology and content discovery platform, records over 300 million visitors and 3 billion views per month. Headquartered in France, Dailymotion is owned by multinational media company Vivendi. It is affiliated with global music company Universal Music Group; Europe’s leading pay-TV operator Canal+ Group; global communications group Havas; and the worldwide leader in mobile games, Gameloft. Since its launch in 2005, the platform has expanded throughout Europe and North America, officially launching Korean language services in 2016. Dailymotion currently partners with local companies including MBC, CJ E&M, JYP Entertainment, YTN, Channel A, 72 Seconds TV, MakeUS and Sellev to spread their content catalogue.

Aiming to become a newly 100% premium platform, Dailymotion partners with verified partners to distribute content, strengthening their positioning across popular genres of news, sports, music and entertainment. Unlike other video platforms, Dailymotion maintains human curation on top of its recently updated recommendation algorithm to present content accurately and create an experience which satisfies users, providers, and brands. Over the years, Dailymotion has always prioritized the protection of copyrighted content and to strengthen its collaboration with copyright holders. Additionally, Dailymotion continues to improve its technology to create an ecosystem that responds to industry standards around fradulent traffic prevention, brand safety and management of inappropriate content.

Dailymotion CEO Maxime Saada said, “Dailymotion has been working hard over the past 10 years to become a platform where all stakeholders can co-exist and flourish.“ He added, “We’re pioneering a new paradigm for video in which people can more easily discover the content they love, in which advertisers can connect with consumers in a brand-safe environment, and in which publishers can extend the reach of their content to relevant, engaged audiences.“

Dailymotion is set for a full-scale launch in Korea with the announcement of its new premium platform strategy, strengthening the Korean content catalogue to meet rising global demands for Korean content. Antoine Nazaret, Head of Asia Pacific, said, “Dailymotion highly regards the power and influence of Korean content as one of the most vibrant, innovative and exciting in the world. We are committed not only to distribute Korean content globally through the Dailymotion platform – which is perfectly aligned with our mission – but also to protect Korean content for a mutually beneficial, long-lasting platform-provider partnership.“

Dailymotion also has big plans for brands in South Korea, as the video platform announces today a strategic partnership with MezzoMedia, Korea’s leading digital marketing solution company.

Through this partnership, MezzoMedia officially represents Dailymotion to enable advertisers to access the platform’s scalable video inventory in South Korea.